Learn about one hero at a time before playing Mobile Legends

Learn about one hero at a time before playing Mobile Legends

If you are a beginner player to these types of games, it’s normal to find the game and characters confusing and stressful. It can be hard to take on all the characters as well as try to understand the goal of the game itself.

The character Layla when she gets to the highest level she can fire towers without even getting into the tower range. This character is great for sieges. She needs to be protected out in front so that she can destroy the towers fast. Then you have Fanny who has extreme mobility and can take some getting used to as she moves around the map quite fast. For advanced players, it is possible to get away without dying in situations most people would die.

Another character Franco is a bit hard and will need practice with his hooks to land them. You need to guess whether the enemy is going to attack the hooks or walk in a line. Once you are a little more advanced, you can start sidestepping and going into bushes, so your hooks are harder to find, but for now, the straight-line walking would suit beginners.

Kagura is a versatile character with many combos to fight in any situation. This character can handle a lot of damage and still be jumping all over the screen map and the ability to stun the enemy. Many damages like purify, poking, stun, knockback etc.

Ruby, Chou and Alpha have powerful skill combinations and short charge times delivering a nasty effect. These skills need to be learnt correctly in order for them to work. You need to master the timing skill and basic combo chains when they are working they are ridiculously bad!

Zilong is a first character you get and is very simple. Moving fast and has a fast hit. Perfect for beginners as you really cannot go wrong by adding Zilong as a team charger. He will outrun the enemy and drag you around with his spear he is deadly when played well.

Another good one Is Karina she is an assassin. Her skills are not difficult to learn but bear in mind that the discipline used with them is hard to keep. Karina is an ended she does not do the pitch fights. If the enemies are grouped, she will finish each one off one after another, and the only thing required to master her is discipline.

These are just to name a few common characters there are still so many more to discover and master.

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