Mobile Legends Key Features

Mobile Legends Key Features

The Mobile Legends game is the 5v5 MOBA. It is made for the handheld devices. This game offers a lot of different game modes, playable heroes, and fast-paced, intense gameplay.

Key Features of the Mobile Legends:

  • 5v5 MOBA Game – take part in the classic MOBA against the real opponents and fight over the 3 lanes in order to put down a tower of the enemy.
  • A large Number of Heroes – select from the wide range of the heroes of the game which fit each role the player wants that include marksmen, tanks, support, and mages.
  • Quick Matchmaking –play another game in just 10 seconds and then complete this game in only 10 minutes.
  • Built-in Live streaming – stream the plays and you can also browse the library of streams of the game to see games of others with different filters which allow the users to find through the rank, and heroes.
  • Mobile Controls – handle the characters with the joystick on left side and then find out the abilities on right side.


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